Orchestral Investigations

Jesc Bunyard’s Orchestral Investigations evolved from experiments involving photographs and music. One aspect of the investigation culminated in ‘Photo Piece’, whilst other areas have spawned other projects which Bunyard aims to realize.

In 2012 Jesc Bunyard collaborated with The Angel Orchestra in a performance entitled ‘Photo Piece’ which took place during their Winter Concert at St Silas Church, Islington, 9th December. The performance took place during a traditional classical music concert in front of an unsuspecting audience. The musicians improvised using a visual score. The result was an immersive experience for both musician and audience members and one that challenged the norms of classical music concerts.

The resulting video documentation was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014. Jesc Bunyard will also restage the performance at the ICA on 29th November. ‘Photo Piece – Restaged’ involved members of the Angel Orchestra and a new score. For more information go here

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