Jesc Bunyard’s work explores interactions between the spectator, environments, and perceptual responses to stimuli. Her work uses C-Type photograms, performances, videos, collaborations and installations. Bunyard seeks to place the viewer in an immersive or perceptually challenging environment, the spectator is key to her work. Jesc Bunyard often uses interactions between spectator, work and her visual language to stage interventions. Bunyard often uses her work as tools to form larger pieces, such as performances and installations, exploring the potential of an artwork beyond a single image.

Bunyard’s film work often forms the base layer for her installation environments, as well as using them in interventions. These works often use the language of abstract art and film to draw in the viewer and to explore the relationships between the politics of viewing and listening, the spectator, cinema and the soundtrack.

Interventions and project-based work are major parts of Bunyard’s practice. ‘Photo Piece’, performed with The Angel Orchestra, is one example. These interventions often spawn from smaller works and research. ‘Photo Piece’ involved members of the Angel Orchestra improvising using the Photograms as visual scores.

Some of her photograms are currently available for sale through Artlyst alongside artists such as Tracey Emin and John Baldessari. (Click here)

Jesc Bunyard has now released new videos for sale via S[edition] click here

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