Jesc Bunyard’s film work often uses abstract language to explore the politics of listening and viewing, cinema, the soundtrack and the spectator. These films are often used in intervention and installation works.

Bunyard also uses film to explore the nature of performance documentation. ‘Photo Piece’, the digital film, is one example.

Since 2012 Bunyard has been exploring and producing a range of filmic works. Originally these films were created to be immersive or, in the case of Untitled (Stripe) to be perceptually challenging for the viewer. These films were conceived to be either showcased in a film or installation environment.

In more recent works, Jesc Bunyard has been investigating the mechanisms of cinema, often scene transitions (such as the wipe) by continuously repeating them, as seen in Untitled (Radial). In the latest works Bunyard has developed this interest by exploring the work of Lettrist film makers and the concept of Chiseling to draw attention to the mechanics of cinema, often time, by manipulating it, as seen in Untitled (Chiseling).

Bunyard was recently invited to screen three films and take part in a panel at The Whitechapel Gallery. The event, ‘Filming Abstraction’, showcased Bunyard’s work alongside renowned artists including Elizabeth Price, Laura Buckley, George Barber, Mark Leckey and Harry Smith.

These films could be either presented in an installation or cinema format, although Bunyard forsees her film work developing into interventions within cinema.

The above playlist showcases recent work by Bunyard. Please go to Bunyard’s Youtube¬†or S[edition] page for more examples of her film work.

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